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25 most promising startups to watch

25 most promising startups Croatia
Photo credit: Unsplash, Slidebean by Jutarnji List has selected the 25 most promising Croatian startups to follow in 2022

The portal and its fourteen-member jury recently selected the 25 most promising Croatian startups for 2022. 

The jury first selected 120 brands and then narrowed it down to 25. 

It’s also unofficially estimated that there are currently between 500-1000 Croatian startups, ten of which have become so large that they can no longer be called startups but scaleups, such as Infobip and Rimac Group.

The list is not alphabetical because startups are in the early stages of development and are rapidly growing. 

Although startups are generally perceived as small companies, the 25 most promising Croatian startups, were the size of a medium-sized Croatian company last year. Together, they exceeded revenues of 10 million euros, grew up to ten times and had almost 300 employees.

The list of the 25 most promising startups this year includes: 

  • Agrivi
  • Aircash
  • airt
  • Amodo
  • AMPnet
  • Ascalia
  • BiteMe Nutrition
  • Cidrani
  • CircuitMess
  • Farseer
  • Go Green Ozonator
  • Identyum
  • Include
  • Memgraph
  • Mindsmiths
  • Miret
  • Nuotwo
  • Omoloab
  • OptimoRoute
  • Orqa
  • Peekator
  • sportreact
  • STEMI 
  • Wasp. 

The jury also included representatives of all three Croatian WC funds: 

  • Fil Rouge Capital
  • South Central Ventures and 
  • Feelsgood
  • VentureXchange
  • Funderbeam SEE Zagreb Stock Exchange
  • FER incubator SPOCK
  • Algebra LAB
  • BIRD Incubator 
  • Gaming Incubator PISMO 
  • Infobip Startup Tribe 
  • UBIK 
  • CroAI 
  • Hanza Media.

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