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An Evolving Mindset: Innovation, Collaboration, & Sustainability

The 6th Annual ACAP Conference will be held in New York City from 16 – 19 June. A weekend of networking, learning, and exchanging ideas with 300+ professionals active in the Croatian community in the U.S. and Croatia. 

The conference will feature presentations of two Croatian unicorns, one shark, and one 40-time Emmy Award-winning producer. 

Fireside chats and panels will spotlight the most prominent Croatian business leaders and innovators. 

Some of the prominent names the conference will feature are 

  • Mate Rimac, Founder and CEO of companies Rimac Group, Bugatti Rimac, and Rimac Technology. 
  • Silvio Kutić, CEO of Infobip
  • Robert Herjavec, CEO Herjavec Group; Executive Producer, Shark Tank
  • Pete Radović, Senior Creative Director and VP of Production CBS Sports

Get the full schedule and program here. 

About the ACAP

The Association of Croatian-American Professionals (ACAP) gathers an international network of 2,000+ professionals across industries and academic communities. 

Sixteen chapters worldwide foster the ACAP mission of advancement for Croatian-American and Croatian professionals. The first international ACAP chapter is in Zagreb, Croatia, connecting the homeland to the diaspora. 

Since 2014, ACAP has connected Croatian-American professionals from the United States and worldwide to exchange ideas and engage in business collaboration while preserving the cultural heritage.

ACAP is a non-profit organisation created to foster knowledge-sharing, networking, promoting Croatian and Croatian-American professionals, and trade between the two. 

They are active in providing opportunities for professional development, promoting trade, bridging businesses and communities, and facilitating networking events. 

ACAP also welcomes individuals of non-Croatian heritage who are active in the Croatian community.

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