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Creative and natural products from Pašman island

Family Farm Matulić (Croatian: Obiteljsko poljoprivredno gospodarstvo (OPG) Matulić) 

Inspired by the natural resources of the island of Pašman, Ana and Krsto Matulić, for almost nine years now, have created homemade cosmetic and food products. They are proud of their many international awards, sustainable production and loyal customers. 

Ana’s and Krsto’s business idea

They are both from Pašman and worked in tourism, so their initial idea was to open a tourist agency. As the idea never worked out, Ana began producing homemade soaps following a traditional recipe from Pašman, using alkali and olive oil. 

They joined the Croatian Island Product (Croatian: Hrvatski otočki proizvod) project initiated by the Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds. Soon after, they attended two trade shows where they launched the product. 

OPG Matulić today grows figs, olives, aloe vera and chilli peppers. Other ingredients they use in production are from other local producers, and if unavailable, they go to Polača on the mainland, 20 km away. 

To Ana and Krsto, the main requirement is that the ingredients they purchase are of the best quality, locally produced, and known origin. 

Spice Gift Package

Products and awards

In OPG Matulić, products are inspired by natural resources available on the island. Krsto had an idea to combine vinegar from an old barrel with chilli peppers and created Pašmanero, which became their first product to receive a Superior Taste Award in 2017 and International Taste Award in 2020. 

Today, Pašmanero sauce is available in three spicy variants. Customers recognised it as a great addition to pizza, tortilla, stews and meat dishes. 

Krsto hand-drew a fish which was converted to a logo by Hand Design from Zagreb and later became part of their visual identity. 

Pašman Libre is an aceto made of figs, with a long production process – it takes a minimum of two years for figs to age in cherry barrels. This is currently their most popular product and was awarded the Superior Taste Award in Belgium in 2018, International Taste Award and the Judges Award in Italy in 2020 and was awarded prestigious British – three star Great Taste Award for 2021.

These awards made Krsto Matulić the first small-scale manufacturer to receive them two years in a row. 

Pašman Libre – fig vinegar

Ana became a pharmaceutical expert and was educated in Paris. All products Ana makes are part of the movement slow cosmétique. Each product she launches has a certificate and is handmade, with 100% natural ingredients. Production is sustainable, and currently, OPG Matulić has over 20 authenticity labels, including the label for Croatian Island Product. 

Photo Miljenko Hegedic

In addition to her first soaps, she expanded her range to Immortelle cream, mint shampoo, body and hair sprays, peels, and serums. 

The most popular products are Immortelle face cream and Essentielle hyaluronic serum.

Immortelle is a day cream made of immortelle with apricot kernel and almond oil. It is used for sensitive skin as it naturally restores skin balance. 

Essentielle serum is made with hyaluronic acids, wolf-berry pulp and geranium essential oils, making the skin softer and glowy. 

Chocolate and gift packages

Ana and Krsto are part of the new trend of small producers that cherish old traditions and natural resources when creating new authentic products. Their locally-produced ingredients guarantee quality, receive many awards and have a growing market of loyal customers.

Their goal for the future is to grow sustainably and expand the business step by step. The Matulić family is proud to announce a newly opened webshop to bring their products closer to their customers. 

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