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CTA komunikacije

CTA komunikacije (English: CTA Communications) is a communications agency from Zagreb known for social responsibility-embedded marketing campaigns and their initiatives for helping those in need. 

The agency offers full service for its clients, including print and digital solutions, web and PR, and media planning and buying. 

Another part of their work that differentiates them is their involvement in education. The agency offers training and lectures from experts in their respective fields.

CTA komunikacije is a relatively young agency, established in 2018, with a head-count of six. The owners, Gordan Turković and Petar Tanta, cover different areas of business communication and have extensive industry experience. 

Gordan has extensive experience in strategic consulting, political marketing and crisis communication, and Petar brings with him the experience of advising clients from various industries. 

CTA komunikacije focuses on universal things that matter, health, justice, and safety, and always uses its expertise to serve the cause. Adding the will to teach others and share their experience, it is no wonder that they quickly became a recognised and award-winning agency, often exceeding goals.

HGSS70 campaign

One of their most prominent creative solutions was for the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service (Croatian: Hrvatska gorska služba spašavanja, HGSS). 

HGSS is a voluntary organisation with thousands of volunteers who dedicate their time and experience to rescuing injured and missing persons. 

CTA komunikacije created the HGSS70 campaign to honour the organisation’s 70th anniversary. The campaign started just before the pandemic hit, so the idea of connecting interested people with volunteers to show them firsthand what HGSS does had to be replaced with another solution. 

The second part of the campaign, an exhibition of their super popular Tweets, gained much attention from the media. 

HGSS is famous for its selfless actions and its way of communicating on social media. They often use witty humour to connect with their audience, have great responses and are often cited by the media or shared by their social media followers. 

The campaign was awarded the Grand Prix from the Croatian Public Relations Associations (Croatian: Hrvatska udruga za odnose s javnošću, HUOJ) in the category of Event Communication. 

The success is even more significant when one finds out that the budget for communicating the exhibition was exactly 0 kunas. 

This Truly Matters campaign

Two years ago, in April 2019, CTA komunikacije kicked off the campaign for the rights of children with disabilities, especially those living on the islands who have to travel to the continent, to get the care they need free of charge.

The Association Buds of Brač (Croatian: Brački pupoljci) led a ten-year fight to provide a free ferry ride for the children since the costs of the journey was sometimes as high as 400 EUR a month. The trigger to start the campaign was another rejection of the proposal by the lawmakers two weeks before.

They raised the topic through the media which provoked a reaction from the general public. CTA komunikacije used all relevant public relations tools to get through to the general public and supporters, again, with the budget of 0 kunas. 

Two months later, the request was rejected once again, fueling the public dissatisfaction of the people, engaging public figures and putting subtle pressure on the lawmakers. In November 2019, the law was passed unanimously.

Communication as a way of making positive change

The campaign mentioned above isn’t the only one the agency made for the Association Buds of Brač, but it’s probably the most famous one since it was awarded numerous awards, including the one for the best PR campaign in Europe in 2019. 

CTA komunikacije also created 1100 kilometres for the 1100 therapies campaign. The idea was to raise money following two mountaineers from Brač on their mission to walk the Via Adriatica route. The Via Adriatica trail is the longest Croatian hiking trail that follows the coast, from the southernmost cape of Istria to Prevlaka, a small peninsula in southern Croatia.

In September, the agency was included in the Back Together: The first medical-communication summit in Croatia. The program consisted of 12-panel discussions and was held online due to the circumstances. The agecy was responsible for choosing the right communication tools and setting up and leading all the summit’s social media profiles. The event lasted for two days, but the profiles are still active and, according to CTA komunikacije, the number of followers is still growing.

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