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DevSheGoes meet-up

A new edition of the DevSheGoes meet-up featuring the topic ‘Team lead – a career switch’ will be held this Friday, 29 April, from 6:30 p.m. It’s held live for the first time on location in the Zagreb office of the FIVE Agency. 

DevSheGoes was designed and launched in 2020 to promote women in development who are underrepresented compared to their male counterparts. It’s an opportunity to gather and strengthen the community and exchange experiences among the IT professionals sector. 

The meet-up has hosted developers from domestic IT companies like Infobip, Software Sauna, and Rimac Automobili during its two years of existence. 

A panel of participants will discuss why developers decide to make a career switch that shifts their focus from software tasks to people management and new development skills. Magdalena Magličić, Frontend Engineer and member of the FIVE React Native team, will moderate the panel with the help of Nives Bučić Petrušić, Head of Engineering at SysKit, Sandra Ban, Team Lead at Libusoft Cicom, Maida Curić Dervišević Software Engineer in Endava, and Ester Prendivoj, Java Team Lead at FIVE Agency. 

The panel will be streamed as well. 

The meet up will gather visitors for casual networking on the terrace of the FIVE’s Zagreb’s office in Heinzelova Street 33, for the first time after 2020. 

FIVE Agency, founded in 2007 through its offices in Zagreb, Split, Osijek, Rijeka and New York, employs more than 300 award-winning design, development and growth strategy professionals for their digital products. 

Their clients are global companies from various industries in the United States market. 

In March 2021, FIVE became part of Endava, one of the largest developer groups in the world.

Applications for participation in the live meet-up, as well as for following the stream, are open at:

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