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Environment, Energy and E-Mobility Conference in June in Split 

On the 9th and 10th of June in Split Croatia, local, EU and international technology leaders, policymakers, and scientists will discuss the environment, energy, and e-mobility. 

Some of the topics that will be discussed are possible alternative energy sources, the role of technology, and discussion around how much we are willing to change our habits. 

Attendees will learn about green and smart city public transport, which is the greenest city in the EU, how that has improved life in the city, how businesses and start-ups collaborate, how life in a modern city will look in 2050, and much more. 

The organiser announced 30+ speakers, including Matija Žulj, CEO and Founder of Agrivi, Ivana Biočina Founder of Institute for sustainable Fashion (IOM) a textile engineer, and designer, an author of three books about the textile industry and sustainable fashion, Kai Rassmus Landwehr, Head of Marketing at myclimate, a Swiss/based NGO focused on climate protection and sustainability, Dr Fadi Makki, founder of Nudge Lebanon, with more than 100 experiments in health, sustainability, compliance and inclusion, Federico Cristoforoni, Co-founder and CEO of Eutopia, AI platform, that enables access to over 16 000 climate startups in Europe, a ‘Crunchbase’ for the climate.

Check the full list of interesting speakers and their rich backgrounds at

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