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Greyp, a revolution of electric bicycles

Greyp, a sister company of Rimac Automobili and producer of the fastest electric hypercars, was founded in 2013. Four models have been launched so far and already they have reinvented the e-bike market. 

Their products use powerful Rimac batteries and are packed with sensors, cameras and a one-of-a-kind user interface creating a uniquely intelligent e-bicycle. 

This year, Greyp partnered with Porsche Digital and, under the new Cyklær brand, will offer a new line of fully connected urban electric bicycles. 

E-bikes are taking over the EU.

According to the latest trends published by the EU Mobility Atlas, electric bicycle sales are selling faster than electric cars and currently make up 17% of all bicycle sales in the EU. 

Electric bicycle manufacturers are stepping up trying to keep up with the demand, with some countries like Denmark producing 41% more bicycles in 2020 compared to 2019. 

The countries with the largest number of e-bikes sold are the Netherlands and Germany, with over 50% of the market share belonging to electric-powered bicycles. 

More than 60% are produced within the EU member states, with Germany leading the stats with over 14000 jobs in the industry. 

The EU is following an action plan to reduce CO2 emissions. The goal is to promote modes of transportation that are more environmentally friendly and have less of an impact on a budget. Urban centres are changing as infrastructure is being adjusted to accommodate the growing popularity. Cycling is becoming an attractive alternative to cars, especially electric bicycles that improve in power, range, and connectivity with every model. 

Greyp T Five

Greyp models

Greyp has introduced a revolutionary solution for their range of bikes, uniting mobility and connectivity in the world’s first connected e-bike platform. 

All Greyp bicycles come with an eSIM, allowing riders to stay connected to the internet at all times. Riders can also control their bicycles remotely, download images from integrated cameras, share telemetry in real-time and integrate their smartphones with the bike for the ultimate user experience and over-the-air updates. 

The bicycles are equipped with a powerful 700Wh battery placed in the middle of the frame for longer rides.

Greyp’s lineup currently offers models from three categories: eMTB, eSUV, eHyperbikes, while eCity is coming up in 2023. 

The G6 models are designed as full-suspension e-mountain bikes with carbon fibre frame and enduro geometry. They come in three versions. G6.1 and G6.2 can reach a maximum speed of 25 km/h both on and off-road, while G6.3. has a maximum off-road speed of 45km/h. 

Greyp e-MTB action shots G 6.1 & G 6.3 ride

Greyp G6.X model was launched as a limited edition, designed to honour the automotive heritage of the brand. This model is made using the finest materials: Öhlins fork and rear shock, Magura brakes, wireless seat post, shifter, and full carbon wheels.

Greyp G5 is a hardtail model for cross-country trips. It has the same features as the G6 and comes in two versions: G5.1 and G5.2.

Greyp T_FIVE e-SUV

For commuting and weekend trips, models T5.1 and T5.2 are ideal as they come with advanced Grepy features but offer a smooth ride. They come with the same complete connectivity as other Greyp models, an aluminium frame for maximum comfort and a long-range 700Wh battery. 

The G12S was designed by Rimac Automobili and is a true eHyperbike. It comes with a 2kWh battery and is powered by 12kW of peak power allowing riders to reach a maximum speed of 70km/h. The bicycle is equipped with fingertip activation, regenerative braking, carbon fibre cover, three riding modes and a range of up to 120km on a single charge. 

Greyp and Porsche Digital

Porsche Digital, a digital innovation hub for high-tech solutions in the automotive sector, launched a new brand Cyklær, to keep up with urban mobility. In partnership with Storck, Greyp and Fazua, they are launching a new lineup of sporty but urban electric bicycles. 

The new Cyklær bicycle comes with a carbon fibre frame, integrated sensors and high-quality components and is equipped with front and rear cameras, smartphone integration, induction charging and GPS tracking. Along with the new model, Cyklær is launching an app to allow users to connect with their bicycles fully. 

They are designed to be light, ideal for daily commuting. The Cyklær brand will continue developing safer, more connected and more comfortable bicycles using support in design and construction provided by Greyp. 

Future projects

Greyp is developing a new Greyp platform for micro-mobility. The Project Greyp Micromobility Platform is a new product set to simplify integration, update, and improve electric vehicles’ user experience. 

The new platform will include a permanent connection to the internet, allowing wireless connection and real-time data processing. 

The project is co-funded by EU funds and is planned to be completed in 2023. 

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