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Infinum acquires Macedonian 3P Development

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Third new location in one year

Infinum has announced their new offices in Podgorica and London, and is now starting operations again in a new location: Skopje, North Macedonia. Due to the size of Infinum Group, the acquisition process is still ongoing and is subject to the approval of the Macedonian Competition Commission.

3P Development employs around 30 engineers, designers, and project managers. They have ample experience working with big international clients in telecom, retail, and hospitality.

Infinum has been partnering with 3P Development since 2017, sharing the way of thinking and desire to grow and develop further.  

From the first day, I was impressed by their work ethic and approach to employees and clients. I’m thrilled that Infinum recognised the synergy between our companies and that 3P is becoming a part of the team.

Gjorgi Kosev, 3P Development’s CEO and founder

Gjorgi has more than 15 years of international experience in business development and management. Before starting 3P Development, he lived in Prague and New York and worked for Oracle and Seavus. 

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