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Infobip acquires Netokracija, Croatia and SEE’s leading tech magazine

Infobip, a global cloud communications company and Croatia’s unicorn, announced last week that it had acquired Netokracija, a leading Croatian and South Eastern European business and tech magazine. 

They aim to strengthen the developer community by providing content ‘for developers’ and ‘by developers’. With the synergy of the Infobip Shift Conference and Netokracija’s content, Infobip wants to expand its developer community globally. 

Netokracija has a 13-year track record of creating compelling developer-focused content and currently operates in Croatia and Serbia, covering the entire South Eastern European region with articles, conferences, podcasts, and other content. 

Netokracija continues to operate in both previous markets, Croatian and Serbian, through an independent editorship under the leadership of Editor Mia Biberović. 

Ivan Brezak Brkan, Netokracija’s founder, will take over the role of Infobip’s director of developer content. Together with Tena Šojer Keser, he will lead the editorial team to create developer-focused web copy, blogs, videos, podcasts and more.

Netokracija’s twelve-member team will become part of Infobip’s developer experience department, led by Ivan Burazin. 

We have assembled an outstanding team of tech content experts, many of whom have covered the biggest exits and the most significant investments in the region, including the rise of the first Croatian unicorn, Infobip. With the support of Infobip in conjunction with new and existing partners, Netokracija will be able to further cement its role as a chronicler of the fastest-growing industry in the region.

Ivan Brezak Brkan, Netokracija

With the acquisition of Netokracija, Infobip aims to provide top-quality developer content and highlight the value of the developer community. Operating within the Infobip Group, Netokracija will maintain its independent editorial team with the potential to expand into other regional markets.

Infobip Shift and Netokracija are joining forces to showcase and empower the development of the tech, startup, and developer ecosystem. 

Ivan Burazin, Infobip’s chief developer experience officer

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