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Lika Light driven by Tesla’s legacy

Made in Lika

Lika Light is a manufacturer of decorative lighting located in the mountainous region of Lika, Croatia. Not only that they are located close to the Gospić, just a few kilometres away from Nikola Tesla’s birthplace Smiljan, but their 2000m2 facility located in the town of Gospić is also the centre of its development and production.

HAMAG-BICRO, governmental Agency for SMEs and investments, provided the necessary support and acted as a strategic partner that helped them to overcome negative impacts of the pandemic, they pointed out recently for the 

This is a significant business operation happening in the Ličko Senjska Županija, which is known for its beauty, but also a very low number of inhabitants, through decades now. It wasn’t always like that, and we are happy to see the change. 

About Lika Light

Having both development and production located in one centre of Lika, the company has the guarantees of strict control over all aspects of manufacturing from the design to the final finish. 

‘Lika light was initially a small plant, and today it produces about 30,000 lamps a year. Most of the raw materials, as well as the processing of semi-finished products, is sourced from domestic suppliers, and a few from Italy’, said recently Blaženka Jurčić, the founder for 

Eight years ago they built a new hall of 1650 square meters in Gospić industrial zone Smiljansko polje, and a  year later, through financial leasing, they bought a plotter machine, which is the basic machine base in production. 

Nikola Tesla Smiljan Croatia
Nikola Tesla Birthplace Smiljan Croatia | Memorial Centre | personal archive


‘Our famous scientist Nikola Tesla is my inspiration in every way. He was born in Smiljan, where the production plant of the company is located, which we often mention to our customers. 

He also inspired the ‘Tesla Lamp’. I think that I share the same passion for experiments and electricity with the famous scientist’, said Blaženka Jurčić and notes that they have excellent cooperation with the Nikola Tesla Memorial Center and the City of Gospić. 


Ceiling lamp, swinging lamp, floor lamp, table lamps, wall lamp and accessories are their product ranges of decorative lighting. Powder coating, CNC technology, digital & 3D printing, plotter, handcrafting and custom made projects are their areas of expertise. 

Customers have recognized the quality of their products, so they say it doesn’t matter where you produce, it matters what you produce. 

Their inhouse design team continuously works on new products. The products are presented to customers through catalogues, the Internet and through direct collaborations and contacts. 

A lamp inspired by a famous inventor

A lamp whose shape was created to mimic the Tesla Tower (Wardenclyffe wireless station). The wire construction represents the outer contours of the tower, while at the top glass dome transmits light and thus associates with lightning, which is a frequent association with the tower and Tesla’s work in general.

The lamp was designed as an autochthonous product of Lika-Sejna County and in cooperation with the Nikola Tesla Memorial Center. 

Special packaging was created for this table lamp and the product was conceived as a souvenir of Lika and as such could be found in tourist facilities throughout the county.

So far, the lamp was exhibited at several fairs across Europe. It premiered in Milan in 2019 during the Salone del Mobile at Casa Matilda and found itself among the finalists for the award ceremony for Zagreb design week. The Tesla lamp was also exhibited at the Design District in Rovinj 2019, the fair where it won the award as well. 

The company also uses every opportunity to promote the Nikola Tesla Memorial Center during international exhibitions. 

Lux Live London

Lika Light recently exhibited at the Lux Live London, Europe’s largest lighting event and entrance door for the British market, caterers, architects and designers. They showcased most popular pieces such as Biro, Sbalz, Pier and award-winning ‘Tesla’. 

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