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New projects under HTZ

New projects under Croatian National Tourist Board

Northern Croatia, known for its beautiful nature and over 100 castles, fortifications, and curies (manor houses), just embarked on an exciting journey. A region famous for its dramatic love stories that tore apart noble families, myths, and legends of the past set in and around breathtaking castles takes over Croatia’s tourist destinations. Visitors will go on an unforgettable historical and cultural journey. In the future, there will be 100 more reasons to spend time in this charming region. 

100 Castles in Northern Croatia

It was exciting to learn about the new project that started as 2020 was coming to an end, promising a fresh and positive start for the new year. Supervised by the Ministry of Tourism, the three smallest counties in the North Croatia, Krapina-Zagorje, Međimurje, and Varaždin, signed an agreement to start a joint project called ‘100 castles in Northern Croatia’ within the next three years. 

Upon signing by Krapina-Zagorje Prefect Željko Kolar, Međimurje Prefect Matija Posavec and President of Varaždin Tourist Board, Željko Bedeković, the project launch revealed the advent calendar with 24 castle images. 

The project’s primary goal is to revitalise the area, gain access to forgotten castles, fortifications, and curies by setting up a detailed map where buildings will be classified and marked with necessary information regarding ownership, tourist accessibility, and activities.  

The project started with a significant investment of 6 million Euros for reconstruction and renovation of the fortification of Čakovec’s Old Town, scheduled for opening in the spring of 2021. Renovation of the Castle Feštetić in Privislavac, Međimurje, and the first non-material eco-museum will follow. 

During the next three years, the project will include the renovation of the land surrounding properties, road signs, website build, souvenir design, and the hospitality sector’s education. 

Activities will introduce the importance of this area’s history and tradition to locals, as they are a key to promoting the region beyond its borders. Another important aspect is to create a full experience by connecting castles offering thematically organised tours and expanding to other sectors related to the castles’ stories, such as villages with ethno-gastro offers plus new walking, and cycling routes. 

Once renovated, castles will be the perfect stage for various cultural and business events, raising even more awareness and converting the area into a popular destination. 

For the first time, full documentation and archives will be prepared, giving access to essential and, in most cases, forgotten stories of noble families that once lived in this area and constructed these objects. The ultimate goal is to prepare brochures and present this history-rich region to domestic and foreign tourists, attracting them throughout the year. 

During the renovation process and creation of new content, the emphasis is on sustainability. 

Enjoy the magic of Croatia.

Due to popular demand of the previous campaign last autumn, #DiscoverTheColoursOfCroatia Tourist Board came up with a new winter edition set to bring winter magic to every corner of the world, as visitors enjoy a virtual tour around Croatia, seen through camera lenses of locals. 

The Croatian National Tourist Board created another campaign to promote the beauties and traditions of Croatia in the wintertime. It is the most magical time of the year, and in these times with restricted travel due to pandemic, virtual tours are becoming the next best thing. The campaign started in mid-December and will last until mid-January. 

They set up hashtags #EnjoyTheMagicOfCroatia and #EnjoyTheViewFromCroatia, inviting everyone to tag their photos and contribute to the campaign by creating a virtual tour for people around the world. Images that capture beautiful moments, breathtaking nature, traditions, and gastronomy give an insight into the less known time of the year, promoting Croatia as an all-seasons destination. 

Each photo has a story behind it, revealing Croatia’s atmosphere during the coldest time of the year. You can see all images at the Tourist Board’s official platform and their social media profiles. 

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