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Reizl Chocolates, ethical and sustainable

Organic, artisan and ethical

The Reizl family started importing sweets in 2002, while always dreaming of expanding the business into an artisan chocolate factory. Lots of hard work and dedication paid off as their dream came true in 2017 when they founded the Vrsna Chocolate Factory after successfully applying for EU funds. In 2021, the family is on a new adventure, creating ethical, sustainable and high-quality products under a new name – Reizl Chocolates. 

The new direction for Reizl Chocolates is a responsibility to natural resources. The production process begins on cocoa farms in South America and West Africa, in the equatorial zone where the best cocoa grows. Reizl Chocolates makes sure to use cocoa from organic farms, with emphasis on ethics, fair trade and guarantee of no child labour and exploitation of women. Suppliers work with taking care of the environment where the cocoa grows which also then ensures the highest quality of beans. 

Raw cocoa is then taken to Belgium as it goes through ‘a process of becoming chocolate’ until it finally arrives at the factory in Sesvete, Croatia, ready to be distributed worldwide. A new organic selection of chocolates will be exclusively packaged with materials from renewable sources. The new concept and direction of Reizl Chocolates, the first of this kind in Croatia, has already been recognised in Australia, South Korea and the United States.

Excellence in every step of the production

The factory currently makes chocolate tablets, pralines and truffles. They are unique in form, ingredients and visual representation, handmade and followed carefully through each stage of the production.

The range of products was designed to be unique and different from any other chocolate products on the market. Parents Jozefina and Mirko, with their son Fran, are the masterminds behind the brand. One of the first products was a very popular, signature chocolate ‘Dalmatian’, created of black and white chocolate representing the Dalmatian dog. It was a project to promote the best of Croatia through chocolate. 

Another signature chocolate that takes almost three hours to make are the golden caramelised chocolate tablets. The range of specialty chocolates includes DarkEST and whitEST – famous for their extravagant style, as well as Decada collection – chocolate with fruit, herbs and nuts. 

Reizl Chocolates also brought ruby chocolate to Croatia for the first time, following a popular trend worldwide. Ruby chocolate is a new invention as chocolate makers found a way to keep the original colour of the cocoa bean, opening up a new set of opportunities for chocolate products.

Sweet ambassador of Croatia

Reizl Chocolates creates more than 50 different chocolate products and bring local flavours to their chocolates, pralines and truffles. Their products have a fusion of ingredients that create a unique taste, with some chocolates featuring flavours such as lavender, honey, strawberry, raspberry and carob. 

These brilliant ideas, creativity and quality have brought Reizl Chocolates to the very top of artisan chocolate factories in Croatia. It has also seen its popularity increase beyond Croatia,  through partnerships with companies such as Flixbus and Croatia Airlines, and their products being distributed all over Europe.  

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