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The affordable solution for measuring air quality across cities

Include from Solin, a manufacturer of Smart City solutions used in 59 countries worldwide, unveiled Aerys stations that deliver a widely available solution for measuring air quality in city neighbourhoods this week. The first devices will be installed in Rome as early as November. 

Include is currently working on the third round of recapitalisation to expand its business to new markets further and increase production capacity. 

In the last round in 2019, backed up by some of the most prominent Croatian IT entrepreneurs, they raised 19 million HRK (around 3.8 million AUD, 2.93 USD)

Air quality monitoring at multiple locations

Air pollution is one of the most significant global health concerns. Data from the World Health Organization shows that air pollution poses one of the most important global health risks. It is estimated that in 2016, air pollution caused 4.2 million premature deaths.

Compared to professional measuring stations, which are installed in a limited number of locations due to more requirements with installation and maintenance, Aerys measuring stations will enable affordable and easy installation of a large number of units. 

Include states that their stations are not a substitute for professional measuring stations, but the affordable price allows the installation of a large number of units that provide relevant information on air quality in a significantly larger number of locations. 

The data collected also provides cities with an insight into pollution sources and their frequency.

Three models available for sale

Aerys will be available in three variants. Model P allows the measurement of the concentration of suspended particles that represent the largest source of pollution. 

Aerys X Model

Model G measures the concentrations of NO, NO2 and O3 gases, while Aerys X measures particulate matter, toxic gases and primary atmospheric conditions.

Aerys P Model
Aerys G Model

The first installation in Rome

Include’s first installation of Aerys will be carried out in Rome this month. The city is just finishing the construction of a smart square with Steora benches. 

In a market with an annual value exceeding 4.4 billion euros, Include intends to position itself as one of the key manufacturers in the coming years.

The transformation from smart benches to manufacturers of advanced Smart City solutions

The company, which has built its visibility through Steora Smart Benches, has moved toward producing systems that contribute to solving some of the biggest global challenges of today.

In addition to Aerys Air Quality Measurement Station, Include also manufactures waste management solutions. 

Include’s Terra bins reduce waste collection by 80%, CO2 emissions and removal costs. Bin emptying is managed via a cloud application. 

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