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Perfect calendar placement of the WMF

This fantastic and ideal end-of-September timing for the Weekend Media Festival falls just after everyone returns to the city and starts prepping work for the year’s final quarter, looking into business planning for 2023. 

That September weekend, however, takes us back to the Adriatic coast, assuming some of the summer gear is still unpacked, but this time with new business enthusiasm and batteries charged up for a different way of business holidaying. 

Kick-off at Johann Franck

Two weeks from here, or more appropriately, just a weekend away, the traditional and popular 15th edition of the Weekend Media Festival will take place in Rovinj, from Friday 23rd until Sunday 25th of September. 

Last Friday, the 8th of September, At Johann Franck Cafe Zagreb, organisers presented the final program of the jubilee 15th Weekend Media Festival. The party gathered numerous well-known faces from the domestic and regional marketing, media, communication and creative industries. 

Weekend.15 will present new trends and projects in the communication and creative world, open up attractive topics, and bring an exciting music program that includes the performance of the biggest regional stars.

This year’s highlights

Multiple-award-winning designer and TED Global Speaker Ghada Wali will present several case studies and show how graphic design can affect the mental state, pull emotional strings and deliver change. 

Ivo Novak from Infobip will talk about Growth Marketing, whilst Daniel Ackerman from Degordian, Nikola Žinić and Andelko Trpković, CEO of Publicis Group Adriatic, will cover the topic of Agencies 2.0. 

Prof. Zoran Kurelic from the Faculty of Political Sciences will discuss Cancel Culture and explain whether it has arrived in Croatia or will appear as part of the transfer of the cultural war being waged between two sides of the original liberal democracies.

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