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CulturEU launched

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An interactive funding guide for the cultural and creative sectors

In November, the European Commission published a new interactive guide outlining all funding opportunities available at the EU level for the cultural and creative sectors.

The CulturEU interactive guide provides information on a total of 75 funding opportunities from 21 EU programs, from Creative Europe and Horizon Europe to the Structural Funds and the InvestEU Fund, in one place. Via this interactive tool, all European stakeholders in the cultural and creative sectors will be pointed to the most appropriate EU financial support in just a few ‘clicks’. 

The guide is designed to help you navigate the many EU financial instruments, understand the opportunities available to them and, ultimately, facilitate access to funds. 

Interested parties can tailor their search for funding opportunities, with the addition of best practice examples, based on their needs, the individual sector or the type of organisation they represent.

CulturEU will be regularly updated with the latest information on upcoming calls for proposals and will be available in all EU languages ​​in early 2022.

Existing measures to support the cultural and creative sectors include:

  • increasing the amount of financial support for cultural, creative and inclusive projects from almost 2.5 billion euros from the Creative Europe program and about 2 billion euros from the Horizon Europe program for the period from 2021 to 2027;
  • allocation of funds from the Recovery and Resilience Mechanism;
  • approval of national aid under the interim framework for state aid measures totalling more than EUR 420 million;
  • publishing EU guidelines on the safe reopening and recovery of the sector and launching a special Creatives Unite platform ( for artists, performers and other workers in the cultural and creative sectors to share information, initiatives and ideas. This platform currently has more than 43,000 users. 

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