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7,799,000.00 HRK awarded to support book publication in 2022

Illustration photo by Canva

As part of the Call for 2022 Funding, active from 20 September to 20 October 2021, 151 applications received support for book publishing programs, from the Ministry for Culture and Media. 

After the formal review and evaluation of the Cultural Council for Book Publishing in cooperation with the Expert Committee for Children’s Books, a decision was made to grant support for publishing books by 71 publishers in the total amount of HRK 7,799,000.00.

The approved funds will co-finance the publication of at least 490 new titles, of which at least 85 relate to children books, as well as the production of 6 audiobooks and the conversion of 150 published titles into e-pub format.

In addition to evaluating the new program, special attention is given to the publisher’s work so far, such as obligation fulfilment to potential funders, authors and other collaborators. Quality and impact of previously published titles also make an impact. 

The entirety of the work does not refer only to the quality of production, but also to promotional activities and design. 

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