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Seminars, workshops, gatherings and festivals in Grožnjan

A favourite cultural meeting place

Seminars, workshops, gatherings and festivals – Grožnjan is once again the most popular destination for young artists and their mentors from all over the world. The large audience will enjoy concerts and productions endorsed by the International Cultural Center of Croatian Musical Youth

Almost 30 thousand young people and their mentors from more than 90 countries have participated in the program of the International Cultural Center of Croatian Musical Youth for more than five decades. 

Grožnjan, Photo: Canva

The Center became an international cultural laboratory, for learning and exchange of experiences, but remained dedicated to the promotion of the values ​​of Grožnjan, Istria and Croatia, thanks to fine artists and the organisation of the Croatian Musical Youth (Hrvatska Glazbena Mladež, HGM), it still has the internationally recognised status of a city of artists.

This year’s program

The first attractive evening presentation open to the public will be held on the Belvedere terrace on the 30th of June, with the Dance Theater for Children and Youth seminar presenting new dance techniques. 

The Junior Percussion Camp seminar led by Josip Konfic is intended for the youngest percussionists, and participants will get to know the colourful world of percussion through the basics of playing all types of percussion, as well as playing on their own body, called body percussion, which is extensively used in music education, due to its accessibility. 

The violin, viola and cello course will be held from the 5th – the 13th of July and will be led by Slovenian pedagogues Armin Sešek, Nejc Mikolič and Millan Hudnik. The goal of this course is to enable violinists to better develop their technique and interpretation. 

Ethno Croatia takes place from the 11th – 19th of July and will gather young musicians from all over the world, from Belgium, Denmark, Croatia, Sweden, France, Malawi, Chile to England. Ethno Croatia is a project of Jeunesses Musicales International in which young people learn about traditional music from each other and with the help of mentors, deepen and expand their knowledge about their own traditional musical culture, but also about the heritage of other cultures whose heirs participate in this international camp. 

Grožnjan’s summer jazz vibe 

The programs that are eagerly awaited every year are connected to the jazz vibe brought to Grožnjan by the legendary Boško Petrović, an international jazz legend, which is why the world’s best jazz musicians still come to Croatia today. 

Summer Jazz School of the Croatian Musical Youth, Jazz is Back festival! BP, JM World Jazz Orchestra and Croatia Drum Camp are the programs that will be held from the 13th – the 27th of July. 

The Summer Jazz School and the festival form a whole, and in its more than twenty years of existence, almost every Croatian jazz musician has been part of the Grožnjan scene or decided that their life would be jazz in Grožnjan. 

The program of the International Cultural Centre in Grožnjan is taking place until the end of September. 

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