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The 59th Venice Biennale

The opening ceremony of the Croatian Pavilion at the 59th International Exhibition of Visual Arts – Venice Biennale

Organised by the Ministry of Culture and Media, Croatia is represented at the Venice Biennale by the project Untitled (Croatian Pavilion), 2022 by one of the most radical artists of his generation Tomo Savić-Gecan and curator Elena Filipovic. He deals with one of today’s most pressing issues: the role and position of man in today’s time dominated by digital technologies, radically changing the relationship between man and machine and the position of the individual within society.

Notice of the Croatian project during the seven months of the Biennale will be at the address at Via Garibaldi, Castello, 1513 Venice, and the project will be available on the website and social networks

The production of the project is signed by Olga Majcen Linn and Tereza Teklić from KONTEJNER and Diego Carpentier, the producer of the Venice Pavilion. 

Irma Omerzo is a choreography consultant, and Tomislav Pokrajčić is the leader of the technical production realised by Jan Šnajder, Ana Barić and Sara Bakić from TakeLab, from the Faculty of Electronics and Computing, University of Zagreb. 

The Mondriaan Fonds Foundation supported the project, along with the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Croatia and the Zagreb Tourist Board, Mato Perić and the Perić Collection, as well as the Art Explore residence in Paris.

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