Editorial / 2020

Weird December & a not-so-clear ending to the COVID crises

The recap

Well, we will wrap up this year, and try to reflect from a more positive standpoint than negative; yes, we are all disappointed with what 2020 brought, however, every disappointment is a new chapter in our life that brings change. ‘Change is good’ I commented today with a colleague, and we both concluded that whatever it is, be it a good or bad event, that change will push you forward, and that’s what is good (at least if you ask us). Obviously, it is easier to digest for those who don’t mind being schooled by life from time to time and those who haven’t lost a loved one this year. 

In Croatia’s political timeline, we will remember this year through the government re-elections and the launch of new opposition alternatives. A glance at what emerged in the political scene is a combination of wishful thinking, complete cut-off of reality and a loooot of philosophical thought. Great for exercising our mental capacity and debating, but useless to those who need an agile and flexible government. And that’s the most we could write about that event. 

Except, maybe, we shouldn’t be super depressed! We see governments across the globe having ‘facepalm’ moments in managing their respective states, and there hasn’t been any country where the business sector and small businesses, in particular, have been happy with how their governments are handling the situation. 

However, what will mark this year for Croatia are a few major events, most of them fascinating achievements and recognitions in the technology sector and leading them all – Croatia celebrating its first unicorn, Infobip. 

But what about other businesses? On our journey, we embarked on many inspiring and also successful projects. All of them are self-sustaining businesses embraced by the local market. Glamping and local produce and food, gourmet food, interior design and design in general, creative and vibrant restaurants and bars, and what we liked the most, the collaboration between Croatian counties. Being a small country, with very specific, diverse and sometimes overly divided regional customs, Croatia can enormously benefit from this cross-regional local cross-collaboration. 

So now, we are kind of curious about what will happen in the next post-pandemic chapter!

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