Editorial / 2020

Moving forward

The primary motivation for creating this platform comes from the pure and simple desire to capture Croatian stories in the English language. Not news, but vignettes and stories about people, companies and brands that deserve representation in someone’s learning about Croatia. The second reason is pure curiosity – we want to know what’s going on and we want to share it around. 

During our first five weeks of recording these stories, we reconnected with some old friends and acquaintances, met some great press people, learned about businesses and projects, and all of this during a global pandemic!

Imagine where we could be if we could travel!? That said, we are meeting online, and the time difference between Melbourne and Zagreb is not even a thing anymore. 

Lika – Senj County

One of our last editorial entries was the one about the Lika Light, that story especially touched us as it came from a region that needs special attention. 

We also learned that during the pandemic, Lika became highly desirable for people from Dalmatia and Zagreb. Not only because the land is cheap, but they are attracted to houses and properties that need renovation. Moved by a global pandemic and an increased desire to have things under their control, people are looking for the fertile land and the opportunity to become self-sufficient. Enjoying the wilderness, beauty, and remarkable fresh mountain air is a bonus that can’t be calculated in any currency. 

Rimac and the Government

Another interesting event happened in the form of a meeting between Rimac Automobili and the Croatian Prime Minister and his team to discuss the potential development of the auto industry in Croatia. The opportunity is of course, due to Rimac’s business success and experience in this area, and the changes the global automotive industry is experiencing in the transition to electric vehicles. 

Mate’s video

Another great thing coming from the Rimac brand was a video with employees who arrived from different parts of the world and in the video, they describe their life in Croatia. Many agreed that this was the best promotional video ever recorded about the country, and it’s a great introduction into the next topic. 

Visa for Digital Nomads

Another initiative in progress is the visa for digital nomads, which would allow internationals whose jobs are not dependent on the location, to live in Croatia. Anyone self-employed and free to move around the globe just has to take one look at the testimonials of Rimac’s employees and will likely be encouraged to consider the option. That would, of course, be of significant importance for the Croatian economy in general. 

However, there is something else we would like to be prioritised – changes that will help a return of all recently immigrated citizens and further simplification of the current administration for the existing Croatian businesses, as they carry all the load at the moment, especially having COVID-19 in mind. 


Our list of topics and contacts has around 400 entries and it’s not nearly finished, and I doubt it even can be. And that’s something that we did expect, knowing how many ideas and stories we have in our head and want to share.

We are also happy that we’ve found new contributors, and we’re lucky that they are educated in the fields in which they are writing. That being said, it means we are really looking forward to our editorial calendar, in the coming months. 

And of course, if you have a story that you think we should publish, get in touch!

Until the next month

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