Editorial / 2020

What’s our ‘why’?

The small-talk about Croatia

Each of us has at least once had the opportunity to explain why Croatia is so special, and what’s so good about our culture or our lifestyle.

The ‘small-talk’ usually gets stuck at the point where we explain everything about our coast, natural beauties of other regions and sports achievements. 

It is difficult to understand the classification of ‘emerging markets’, or know what to say about ‘corruption’ or about ‘investor’s fears’. It becomes increasingly difficult to find arguments for promoting our ‘way of life’ as the ultimate benefit for a visit, return or permanently stay in Croatia when there is quite a lot of conflicting information passed around. 

Local media & social media 

Is ‘someone else’s grass really greener’? We don’t think so. Who creates the image about us, and what kind of topics does the mainstream media cover? You would have to agree that the answer is the ‘money-generating’ ones that shock, sell, make you click, get you angry, put you in the state of lethargy. We all have family and friends that stopped consuming media just to keep some sanity and optimism. 

This is not the situation only in Croatia, but across the globe. While social media helps with engagement and the on-demand availability of news stories, the media outlets themselves fight for the attention, and this is basically where the wicked cycle begins.

Passion for an attractive Croatian ‘lifestyle’, wonderful people of various talents, achievements from all walks of life and individuals who succeed despite the fact that the administrative support is not as it should be (on the contrary), deserve their place in the descriptions of Croatia. 

Does that mean life is not hard? 

Certainly not. The youngest member of the European Union had its fair share of wrong political set-ups, war trauma, sadness and challenges in every aspect of life. From here we can start talking about the fascinating part; in non-ideal circumstances, resilience as the collective common denominator, steps in, and we prevail whatever is in our way. 

So then, life in Croatia is good? 

Well, ‘it’s complicated’. When the late spring in May announces the summer we embrace it like we have never experienced it before. Whatever the weather is, sun, rain, snow, we will have time for that coffee with a friend and for family gatherings. We very much depend on each other and we are quite open about it. We love our traditions, our food, our ‘rules of life’. 

We just might have one problem, we chase things that are maybe not the greatest priority. Recently we ‘discovered’ we should focus (yet again) on local food production and small businesses. Perhaps this discovery has come a little late, but we are not here to judge, rather, we are here to support. Whatever good comes our way, we accept the positive thought with open arms. 

So why this online magazine? 

Passion for an attractive Croatian ‘lifestyle’, wonderful people of various talents, achievements from all walks of life and individuals who succeed against all odds, deserve their place in the descriptions of Croatia, because they are the ones most responsible for its progress.

Today, when the internet has crossed borders and languages, remains a ‘simple task’, of finding people, projects, products that paint the forward-looking picture and translate it into good content. 

If we have approached you for cooperation, it means that your example has inspired us and that we think it is important to share it with others. If you are reading our articles, we hope we provided a different perspective. 

Thank you!

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