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Hotel Park Split

Prestige in the heart of Split

Located in one of the most prestigious neighbourhoods in the city centre, this elegant 99-year old hotel has been the crown jewel of the hotel industry in Split since its construction. Hotel Park was and still is the epicentre of local social and political life, with authentic top-quality gastronomy, breathtaking views, and the highest level of luxury one can find in a 1700-year-old Split. 

Hotel Park Split
Hotel Park Split

Architectural time-machine

Hotel Park, originally named Imperial, was built in 1921, and since then it’s known by its popular nickname: the second living room of Split. Following a design of two renowned architects, Vjekoslav Ivanišević and Fabijan Kaliterna, who was one of the co-founders of Hajduk football club, Hotel Park set a standard in the local hotel industry and became the ultimate symbol of Split, known worldwide.  

Back then it was the only hotel located in a residential neighbourhood Bačvice, sitting above the iconic beach of the same name. Soon, Hotel Imperial, later changed to Park, became the new cultural and social centre of Split, visited by many influential individuals of the era.

The interior tells a long story of this 99-year old lady in a refined art deco style. The latest reconstruction project is signed by the famous Emil Šverko who refreshed the hotel but maintained its signature exterior. Inside, each piece of furniture and decoration has been carefully selected by a team of designers led by Anita Udvardy and designer studio Carli+Sosa. 

Hotel Park, following the latest reconstruction, brought to Split elegance and luxury like never before, inviting guests to indulge in unique rooms with a million dollar view or relax in their famous Glass Garden and catch up with local events on the now legendary terrace.

Hotel Park Split

Historic landmark

The most famous part of the hotel is the terrace. It has always been the place to see and to be seen, chosen even by the great Tin Ujević as he wrote his poems. The Terrace witnessed many historical events such as signing the capitulation of Italy in 1943 and just about every major event in the life of Split, as well as hosting politicians, statesmen, and sports teams. 

Hotel Park, through its rich history, went through several renovations. The first one occurred in 1938 when it was expanded for the first time but unfortunately damaged in WW2. 

Quickly after the war, the hotel was reconstructed and continued operating until the next major renovation was completed in 2000 by Vjekoslav Ivanišević, a nephew of the first architect. Upon finishing the project, Hotel Park got its fourth star. 

After the latest reconstruction and expansion in 2015, designed by an architect Emil Šverko, management completed their goal and gave Hotel Park a much deserved fifth star. Rebranding, expansion, and construction were partially financed by EU funds, becoming the first funding to the hotel industry in Croatia.

Hotel Park Split

Rebranding with tradition in mind

During the latest reconstruction, the hotel closed for the first time since opening to give space to construction workers and designers as it went through a detailed revamp. 

The rebranding was carried out with special care from the architect and a team of designers, as they went on a mission to incorporate modern technology and the latest trends while maintaining the traditional values of the hotel. 

The interior today gives you an immediate sense of luxury with top quality materials decorating the walls, like black marble walls in the bar area, and Egyptian cotton for ultimate comfort. The colour palette is in harmony with the exterior and the vicinity of Adriatic, with grey and turquoise dominating the space. Each piece of furniture is custom made, designed by Anita Udvardy. 

From reception to the bar and ultimately to the iconic terrace, the story of the hotel is unfolded before visitors’ eyes. Walls are enhanced with framed photographs capturing the 1930s when Hotel Park started its journey and follows through to the modern luxurious art-deco style used today to continue this special story that Hotel Park has told for almost a century. 

Rooms were upgraded taking care of each detail, maintaining the traditions Park’s guests are used to, but raising the standard and bringing new modern solutions to the hospitality industry. 

The hotel offers unique 2-level rooms for guests coming in for business and elegant, luxurious suites with breathtaking views for those travelling for leisure. Service is taken to the highest level with its professional and highly-skilled staff, as well as an in-house concierge who will answer any question or request. 

Hotel Park Split

Gastronomy at the highest level

Since opening in 1921, Hotel Park has set the gold standard when it comes to cuisine. Dishes around the city were compared to those in Hotel Park, as eating there was always a special experience and everyone at least once in their lifetime wanted to get a glimpse of that gastronomical heaven. 

Thanks to the perfect location in the Mediterranean, the Chef takes you on a unique journey with each meal. Whether you eat fresh fish from the Adriatic or taste the finest meat from the region, Hotel Park gives you an authentic experience of local cuisine. 

Wine served is carefully selected by in-house sommeliers, and they will make sure a perfectly matched wine accompanies each meal. 

Following trends worldwide, hotel guests have a special opportunity to hand-pick fresh ingredients from the farmers market, accompanied by a Chef, and later enjoy their meal in the privacy of a separate dining room seated at a signature Chef’s table.

Hotel Park Split

Enchanting event venue and wellness oasis

Overlooking the islands and the Mediterranean, the terrace bathed in sunlight has become a unique venue for magical weddings and important life events. A professional team of chefs will take care of the fine-dining experience, and the famous terrace is the perfect setting for luxurious and elegant receptions, making each event unforgettable.

Setting the standard in every aspect of the hotel industry, along with rebranding came a brand new wellness zone. Treatments are now available at Priska Spa by Filomena. Guests are invited for exclusive massages and spa treatments, as well as a tailor-fitted jacuzzi and sauna. Ultimately, visiting a salt room is a must to complete this relaxation journey. 

A story that keeps growing

The Croatian company behind Hotel Park brand, Potestas d.o.o., has expanded their success story and is offering unique accommodation in some of the most beautiful areas in Croatia. Their guests can elevate their experience by staying in a luxurious villa located next to the most famous and beautiful beach in Bol, Golden Horn (Croatian: Zlatni Rat), or find equilibrium on a Fenomen Farm in the heart of National Park Plitvice. 

Visitors can reconnect with nature as they unwind in luxurious chalets and enjoy the highest level of luxury while recharging and getting ready for new life challenges. 

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