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A most unusual gin bar in Zagreb

A Most Unusual Garden, a bar located at Horvaćanska 3, is hidden from plain sight. Behind a fence, guests enjoy drinks in a beautifully decorated garden, a treehouse, and during winter months it is turned into a warm and cozy indoor space. 

A Most Unusual Garden is the idea of two longtime friends and colleagues, Ivan Knežević and Mario Piteša, and it was founded in 2015. We spoke with them, to find out what inspired the bar’s unique design and learn more about this charming and unusual place in Zagreb.

What inspired the treehouse concept?

We always wanted to have a treehouse which we didn’t have as kids. The area that belongs to the bar was a garden with a big tree that served as a base for the house. The bar is designed to be a place where guests come, relax and enjoy a beautiful, unusual garden full of details, and a treehouse is a place that brings back memories of a carefree childhood. The treehouse has three tables, and it is the most popular part of the bar. 

What are the main highlights of the menu? 

Since the gin of the house is Hendrick’s, our main offer is Hendricks gin with Thomas Henry Cherry Blossom tonic. Additionally, we offer our signature cocktail Kofer.Bramble, made with Gunpowder Irish Gin, oriental teas provided by Kofer, bramble liqueur and lemon juice. Guests can taste delicious Cherry Spritz and enjoy non-alcoholic menthol and elder syrups produced by a local farm (OPG) and homemade ice tea.

What are your plans for the future?

Starting on the 3rd of September, we have prepared a Gin Weekend. It’s a gin festival organised every year to celebrate the end of summer. In the future, we plan to introduce lots of new items on the drinks list and always offer the best to our customers. 

We hope that the future brings the end of the pandemic, allowing us more space for development. Additional details for plans, for now, we will keep as a secret.

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