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A new type of camping

Glamping homes in Rovinj are made to blend into their natural surroundings and are designed in Croatia. 

This year’s visitors to Porton Nature Hideouts in Rovinj will experience a new and unique Croatian tourist accommodation concept. These luxury homes are located in the green foliage of the Porton Camp overlooking the downtown area from a mere 15 min walking distance.

An intimate stay in nature in the comfort of one’s own home is a type of vacation in demand. Research suggests that the trend of return to nature will continue. Camps were least affected by the effects of COVID-19, and the pandemic only helped enhance environmental awareness. 

Porton Holiday Homes are designed in Croatia and made to blend into their natural surroundings. As much as possible, they are built from sustainable materials and equipped with Croatian products.

This is the first camp to have had its own unique and modular homes designed – Porton Holiday Homes. We are opening a gate to a hidden corner of nature at the heart of Rovinj, offering a new type of camping made in Croatia.

Zvonimir Tudorović, CEO, Effectus Consulting 
Zvonimir Tudorović

What makes Porton Holiday Homes unique is their modularity, meaning that their layout can be arranged to suit the terrain and the number of guests. 

The surface areas of homes exceed the standard tourist offering in Croatia as a single accommodation unit occupies two standard plots, and all 27 homes currently feature a private swimming pool, natural shade and a sea view.

Their architectural design stems from the fishing tradition in Rovinj and serene boats at anchor in their close vicinity. We intended to replicate a boating experience. Every position required a different layout, rendering every unit one of a kind with its combination of two modules and terraces. 

Margita Grubiša, SKROZ Architectural Office

The terraces are irregular in shape depending on the micro-locations of modules and cover 30 to 55 m2. Apart from sails, the surrounding trees integrated into decks give natural shade.

Porton Holiday Homes are fully furnished, bed linen is made of natural fabrics, and organic toiletries and towels are also included in the price. 

The homes provide pet bowls and feeders, as well as pet beds. 

The premises also feature a Natura Restaurant with Mediterranean and Croatian cuisine, a starting point for exploring the gastronomic offer in Istria and Croatia.

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