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Bread Club, an artisan bakery

The concept

There is bread, and there is the Bread Club. Taking baking to another level, this craft bakery in Zagreb is setting a gold standard in bread production. Owners Zrinka Zajec and Anamaria Palić with partners Darko Kušić and Andrija Pernar are on a mission to return bread to its basics. In the best possible way.

Making healthy bread

Baking a delicious and healthy loaf might seem like a simple task but anyone who has been on that journey knows that getting it perfect can be quite tricky and requires a lot of skill and love. The concept and guiding mission at Bread Club is to let nature do its own thing. The formula is simple: Flour, water, salt. Mix them and watch the magic unfold before your eyes. 

Bakers at the Bread Club firmly believe that additives, flavour enhancers, or anything that might get in the way of a natural process of making dough is not welcome in their recipes. 

Bread Club is known for its sourdough, made with natural yeast. The result of this process is making the amount of bread based on the amount of starter they have, avoiding mass-production. 

When visiting Bread Club, other than naturally made rye and rustic wheat bread you must try some of their trademarks like homemade focaccia, cruffins, and pain au chocolat.

Photos by Bread Club Zagreb
Photos by Bread Club Zagreb

Where to find them?

Since opening their first bakery in Trakošćanska 42, this concept has come a long way and owners decided when opening at their second location in Vlaška 27 to add a bistro area where you can sit down and have your pastry with some nice coffee.

The interior of Bread Club’s bakeries is minimalistic following an open kitchen concept, giving you insights into the whole production process of their products. Every product is hand-made and you can follow its journey from scratch to shelves. 

Photos by Bread Club Zagreb

What is coming up in the future?

Anamaria and Zrinka have some great ideas for expanding their business even more and offer a unique opportunity to share a passion for bread with everyone.  

With their team of bakers, their goal is to set up educational courses to pass their knowledge of the sourdough creation process and teach the importance of using natural yeast in dough production. All of this is designed to promote bread and pastries as a part of your healthy lifestyle. 

Type: Craft bakery 

Locations: Trakošćanska 42 & Vlaška 27, Zagreb 

Best known for: Sourdough bread

Interior: Minimalistic

Ingredients: Fresh, seasonal

Pricing: 9 – 30 HRK

Open: 7am – 8pm, Mon – Fri; 7am – 2pm, Sat

Delivery: No

Take-away: Yes

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