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5 exquisite brunch locations in Zagreb!

Everybody’s favourite part of a busy day is their lunch break. On a lazy day, the only reason to rise can sometimes be a great breakfast. If we combine the two, we get a brunch and sometimes that’s exactly what we need to keep us going.

Zagreb is full of amazing places where you can enjoy some of the most delicious meals and great drinks in beautifully designed restaurants. We selected five (more to come) that will take your next brunch-break to another level!

MARKET street food & drinks Gundulićeva Street 13, Zagreb | Photo credits: Marko Mihaljević & Nika Mokos

Bistro Market street food & drinks 

Bistro Market is offering a unique concept of a bar and bistro. During brunch hours you can enjoy traditional Croatian meals ‘with a twist’. The team uses high quality, fresh ingredients, offering a selection of specialty cocktails designed by the owner Fran Ćurković, served in a charming environment. Bistro Market is a special place for your brunch with a seasonal menu made with fresh and locally sourced. 

Type: Casual brunch with traditional dishes

Location: Gundulićeva 13, Zagreb

Best suited for: Brunch, dinner

Best known for: Risotto with slow-cooked lamb cheeks

Interior: Cozy, colourful, elegant 

Ingredients: seasonal, fresh

Pricing: 30-75 HRK

Open: 11am – 10 pm, Mon-Sat

Find out more:

Delivery: Wolt/Glovo/Bolt Food

Take-away: Yes

MARKET street food & drinks, Zagreb | Photo credits: Marko Mihaljević & Nika Mokos
MARKET street food & drinks, Zagreb | Photo credits: Marko Mihaljević & Nika Mokos

Mali Bar, Vlaška

Inspiration for Mali Bar came from Spanish tapas bars, where you can sit, grab a bite and drink amazing Croatian wine. The menu is formed seasonally, with ingredients hand-picked at a farmer’s market by owner and chef Ana Ugarković, and it was one of the first spots in Zagreb to introduce burgers on their menu. Great place for a lovely brunch! 

Type: Casual tapas bar

Location: Gundulićeva 13, Zagreb

Best suited for: Brunch

Best known for Mini cheeseburgers 

Interior: Vintage

Ingredients: seasonal, fresh

Pricing: 35-130 HRK

Open: 12.30pm – 12 am, every day

Delivery: No

Take-away: No

Otto & Frank

Located in a charming Tkalčićeva street, Otto & Frank is a cozy, relaxed brunch hotspot where you can enjoy outstanding, tasty food combined with a vast selection of drinks. The menu offers traditional and modern dishes prepared with seasonal ingredients. Enjoy signature dishes like a poached and fried egg, carrot cake, and typical Zagreb breakfast. 

Type: Modern brunch spot with signature dishes

Location: Ulica Ivana Tkalčića 20, Zagreb

Best suited for: Brunch

Best known for Poached and fried egg

Interior: Cozy, modern

Ingredients: Seasonal, fresh

Pricing: 25 – 70 HRK

Open: 8am – 10pm, every day

Find out more:

Delivery: Wolt/Glovo

Take-away: Yes 

Otto & Frank Zagreb


The EGG came first – this is a concept that owners of EGGSpress had in mind when they decided to open a unique breakfast and brunch spot in Zagreb. Here you can taste almost every egg recipe there is, with a range of variations and extras like salmon, ham, and locally baked bread followed by freshly squeezed juices.

Type: Breakfast/Brunch specialised in eggs

Location: Amruševa 4, Zagreb

Best suited for: Breakfast and brunch

Best known for Eggs Benedict

Interior: Cozy, simplistic, elegant

Ingredients: Fresh, eggs from a family farm

Pricing: 45 – 70 HRK

Open: 7.30am – 2pm, Tue-Sun

Find out more:

Delivery: Wolt//Glovo/

Take-away: Yes

Eggspress Zagreb
Eggspress Zagreb
Eggspress Zagreb

5. Ficlek

Just a few steps away from the green market Dolac Ficlek found its spot under the sun. The owner of a bistro next door, Borna Janeš, wanted to open a traditional tavern that would serve authentic local dishes on retro plates. Some of them will be a tongue twister but taste amazing like ajngemahtec or tafelšpic – a must-try place when in Zagreb! 

Type: Local authentic food

Location: Pod Zidom 5, Zagreb

Best suited for: Brunch 

Best known for Tafelšpic (cooked veal in soup with horseradish)

Interior: cozy, domestic 

Ingredients: Local, fresh

Pricing: 20-100 HRK

Open: 11am – 12am, Mon-Sat; 11am-5pm Sun

Find out more:

Delivery: Wolt

Take-away: Yes

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