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Casa Nube

Like sleeping in the clouds

When owner Filip Oblak had a vision of making an enchanting Scandinavian-like villa in Hlevci in Gorski Kotar little he knew that his project would be nominated for the best holiday home in Europe. Carrying the name of the owner (Oblak-Nube) this breathtaking mountain villa is an example of a minimalist, modern, luxurious yet kind-to-nature guest house. 

In harmony with nature 

Filip is the mind behind the whole project, with his clear vision of making a house part of nature. With roots in Gorski Kotar, he knew traditional materials used for centuries in this area and wanted to have Casa Nube part of this tradition. This is the reason why he used Siberian larch for the facade and terrace in combination with a metal roof, as he wanted to use an older method of making houses of natural materials in harmony with nature. 

What dominates the front of the house is a gigantic glass wall on the upper floor with reflective glass that has two functions: to give guests privacy while reflecting nature surrounding the house, thus making it a part of the forest. Materials used, other than being visually appealing, are durable and sustainable. With this approach, Filip Oblak accomplished a house that in the long term will fit even better with the surrounding nature, as wood over time will change colour. 

Minimalism dominates Casa Nube’s design, but attention to detail still makes a difference and is why this house is so unique. The owner put his future guests at the centre of his focus when he planned the house’s design, from being wrapped in nature to relaxing in the home equipped with all facilities necessary for an ultimate luxurious experience. 

A luxurious experience

The house sits on a plot of almost 1000 square meters, and it has three levels. The first impression visitors have of Casa Nube is a garage equipped with a hand made log holder and wine cellar with an amazing selection of wine and local delicacies for a special welcome. 

The lower level features sauna, shower, and a separate restroom. Following a hidden staircase, a huge open space of the ground floor unfolds with an impressive view and layout. This is where visitors will spend their time preparing food, relaxing in a spacious living and dining room – all part of an open plan concept. The fireplace is centrally placed, making sure warmth is spread across the level while acting as a visual separator between areas. 

Furniture used is unique and handmade, designed by local manufacturers, and in line with the house’s exterior style. It is specially made for Casa Nube, like an impressive four-seater sofa in the living room, made by Matija Prelog. Marijan Oblak and Igor Poljančić made all other elements of iron and wood. Interior details like side tables made of tree stumps and floor lighting will give a special touch to an already perfectly designed interior.

The upper floor is slightly pushed forward over the lower one, giving additional space for the porch and making space for an impressive bedroom with an en-suite shower. The glass wall gives a feeling of being out in nature while staying inside and making every morning enchanting as one wakes up to the forest view in front. The total number of bedrooms is three, each with an en-suite bathroom and beautiful views of nature. 

Even if empty, the temperature is a cozy 21 degrees Celsius, with floor heating installed across the house, including the garage. All bedrooms have electric blankets and air conditioning. The house features fire pits for outdoor relaxation and a pool and jacuzzi. This outdoor area is also complemented by a garden where guests can pick produce if desired and enjoy the scent of local herbs and decorative plants. 

The perfect location

The location in Hlevci is ideal for a luxurious vacation in Casa Nube. It is in a secluded area, giving a sense of quiet while close to attractive National Parks, making this house perfect for a starting point for day trips. Even in the summer months, it is ideal for those looking for a swim in the Adriatic sea as it is only 25 minutes away from the beach. For those arriving by plane, Casa Nube offers a free airport shuttle for a carefree arrival to Hlevci. 

Casa Nube has been listed for sale since last November, so all those looking for a piece of heaven in Hlevci, it can be yours for 7.5 million HRK. 

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