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Divjake Log Home, The Forest Queen

A different wooden house

It looks like visiting Hlevci, a small but already famous village in Gorski Kotar, could truly be a life-changing experience. It certainly was for the Seifert family, Sandro and Selma from Rijeka, when they chose to spend a weekend surrounded by nature. They fell in love with the beautiful surroundings and lifestyle of Gorski Kotar, and the dream was born – to have their own house there. 

The house has an interior surface of 80 sq meters with a total of three roofed terraces. The total capacity is suitable for two couples or a family with kids. 

The great talent of everyone involved with this project shows in every corner of the interior and exterior.

Divjake Log Home

Selma recalls an idyllic childhood spent in Gorski Kotar visiting her grandparents, so it was clear to her where their future house should be located. The scenery is ideal, surrounded by mountains and forest. 

The couple also had a clear vision; it should be a wooden house but unique. They wanted to preserve the untouched nature of Hlevci while achieving harmony between architecture and living space.

The couple met Mario Ištvan, the owner of the Woodmar company. Mario is a builder, carpenter, and an artist, so the couple hired him to manage the project. Together, they decided they want to build a log house. When it comes to the construction, special attention was given to spruce logs, as they were hand-picked in Slovenian Alps. Logs were hand-stripped, sanded, and ultimately put together in Mario’s factory followed by transport to the final destination in Hlevci. 

Divjake Log Home
Divjake Log Home
Divjake Log Home


The main terrace also serves as an entrance, the eastern is for dining and next to a summer kitchen equipped with Ofyr barbecue, while the third one is reserved for a hydromassage tub with breathtaking sunset views. 

A hundred-year-old oak was used for the staircase, and to equip two bedrooms and a bathroom. 

The ground floor has a living room with a fireplace, kitchen, dining area, and a bathroom. The kitchen is fully-equipped with a custom-made table, and wine fridge – a special touch of the owner, who’s 20-year career was in the wine business. 

Divjake Log Home

Mario has built the furniture following Selma’s instructions as she wanted to accomplish a sense of a warm, peaceful home full of positive energy. 

The couple discovered a lot of items at flea markets, and most of them were renovated and brought back to life. 

Some of the impressive interior details include an old laundry chest, kitchen chandelier, old closets, carved hearts in chairs, and a bear carved in wood above the entrance. Owners worked with local artists and friends, Marina Mohović Aničić and Sandra Ružić Luksetić, who were in charge of key details throughout the house. Each piece has a story behind it. 

Divjake Log Home

Harmony for eco-oriented guests

Mario was in charge of both exterior and interior design, building the furniture, following Selma’s ideas. The couple also hired a Vastu expert to achieve harmony between layout, furniture placement, location of entrances and windows. 

The Divjake Log home is fully sustainable, natural, and healthy as resin that remains in logs has benefits for the respiratory system, reduces dust and static electricity, ensuring a true retreat for the body and the soul. 

Waste is recycled, chemicals used are organic-based, toilet paper and bin bags are recycled material, and a rainwater collection system is implemented as well. Even shampoo and soap packaging can be composted. 

Bed sheets are made of 100% unbleached organic cotton with a GOTS certificate, and pillows are made of buckwheat and spelt flour.

The outdoor design is signed by Davorka Mališa, who translated the interior’s harmony to the outdoor areas. Bicycle storage, fountain, insect hotel, yoga zone, hammocks, and zone for volleyball and badminton are all a part of the estate. 

Divjake Log Home

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