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Food Division, Asian Fusion in Zagreb

Located next to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb, Food Division brings together food from around the world and serves it in a new way. It is known as a contemporary Asian fusion restaurant, with a cosy atmosphere, tasty food, and a team that will make every dining experience unforgettable. 

The concept of blending diversity

Food Division is about bringing opposites together in perfect harmony. The main idea that powers the restaurant is to redefine cooking, combine techniques, and transform what might seem incompatible into a unique dish. 

The kitchen is entirely open and brings the preparation process closer to the guests. The team of chefs follow a precise approach when working with ingredients. They cherish old fashioned cooking techniques and, by bringing recipes from various cuisines together, create unique and attractive meals. 

Quickly it has become a place that serves equally popular meat and vegan meals. The menu highlights are Chicken & Waffles, with southern-style fried chicken, brussels waffle, homemade guacamole, and fresh salsa and BBQ sauce. 

Their famous Tokyo Shoyu Ramen, Seoul Bowl, with Beef Bulgogi and homemade kimchi, and the Vegan Buddha Bowl, ideal for a quick business lunch or a relaxed dinner. 

Food Division specials include their famous Sake Teriyaki, a salmon fillet in homemade teriyaki glaze, miso butter, wasabi celery puree and grilled vegetables.

Le Kolach, a boutique patisserie well known for its artisan desserts made from top ingredients and designed by the talented Robert Hromalić, who completed his education at the prestigious Ferrandi Culinary School, is in charge of the dessert section. All meals are paired with a wide selection of wines and stunning specialty cocktails.

Trendy interior

The connection of opposites is also visible in the use of materials inside the restaurant. The leading style of the interior is the popular industrial modern style, and the open kitchen dominates the space with massive marble counters. 

The walls are covered in murals on one side and kept in raw concrete on the other, again bringing two opposites together. A neon sign with the restaurant’s name, plants, and carefully placed lights bring warmth and create a cosy atmosphere. 

Food Division serves up a fun and exciting dining experience. The concept was to create food fusion and a place that brings people together with tasty, top quality food at an affordable price. 

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