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Food Truck Festival Zagreb 2021

The first-ever Food Truck Festival was held in 2020 at Jarun, and it became an instant success. Quirky presentation, colourful and themed lounge areas, picnic zones and new creative street food were the perfect recipe for success. 

This year, the festival returned to Jarun with a unique and rich program for visitors of all ages, a more extensive food menu and great music. 

The first part of the festival was held in June, and the second continued on the 19th of August, after a short summer break. 

Visitors are invited to Jarun to enjoy the great atmosphere until the 5th of September. 

New 2021 edition

This year organisers picked a famous recreational zone at Jarun lake, and the festival became the most popular event in Zagreb.  

The concept includes designated eating and relaxation areas, programs for all age groups and food trucks with tasty food.

During the week, the festival begins at 4 pm until midnight, while on weekends, everyone is invited for a 12-hour long event to hand out at Jarun.

The program includes contests, pub-quizzes, vintage bazaars, televised sporting events and culinary presentations. 

For the youngest, organisers have prepared creative workshops, children’s yoga classes and playgrounds for the whole family. 

Burgers and fish snacks from Istria

This year’s edition brings famous burgers from Barba Q and Mrav Lobby, hot dogs by Loaded, and a new entry Poluotok (English: Peninsula). It is a food and mood brand that brings the taste of Istria through creative fish street food snacks. 

Sweet corner includes Nadine fritule, sweet local doughnuts and an artisan ice cream truck Pri Suncu (English: Next to the Sun), a brand started by young pastry chef Nina Šarić. Nina is making homemade craft Italian gelato and at the festival will serve a trendy almond-honey flavour.

The European Street Food Awards recognised the efforts of the organisers and restaurants as they have included the Food Truck Festival on a worldwide map of Street Food festivals. 

Additionally, visitors can vote for their favourite street food truck that will join the competition in Switzerland later this year and possibly take an award for the best street food truck restaurant. 

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