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Handmade ceramic products with a southern charm

Tea Radić is a graduated sculptress from Split and a founder of the brand Terra Ceramica. With a wide range of products, Terra is receiving a lot of attention recently and is available all over Croatia and around the globe. 

Her products reflect the southern charm, Tea’s personality, and the concept of enjoying the moment and beauty that is all around us. We talked to Tea to learn more about her journey and the direction of her brand.

You are a graduated sculptress and famous for the Terra Ceramica brand. How did your artistic journey result in the creation of Terra Ceramica?

I don’t think there is a finishing line to my journey, as it is a lifetime process. From a young age, artistic expression was part of my personality and a way of communication, which marked my path through Arts School and later Art Academy. 

Upon graduation, I drifted away from sculpting and began work on shaping essential household products. The first product was a mug, Terra, which is today my trademark. The direction of Terra as a brand is still unknown, as working with ceramics and staying creative is always an unpredictable path. 

However, I look forward to everything it will bring. 

What inspired the name Terra Ceramica?

Terra is an acronym created from my name and surname, Tea Radić, which was quite symbolic considering the meaning. The name has several meanings, but the most important is that it marks the product or service. Terra also means earth, while the material I create with – clay – is earth. 

The trend of handmade products is growing. Buyers recognise the value, but it also means that competition is growing. What challenges do you come across on the market, and did the pandemic affect your creative process?

It is positive that there is a certain detachment from widely available products and mass production, and the market is shifting towards handmade products. 

If it’s right and healthy, I believe that competition is the best that can happen as it doesn’t allow us to stay in one place and it spins the creative wheel. This leads to growth, development and advancement in every possible way, both personal and business-wise. 

Unfortunately, I noticed that many brands that appeared on the market didn’t bring anything fresh in terms of creativity but instead decided to take ideas from others. 

It resulted in having a recognisable brand and four new copies. I would love to see someone who is authentic and unique. Most have the door of unbelievable creative force closed, and I hope it will change in the future. 

Handmade should be unique as it comes from the person who creates it, and all of us are. 

Cups are, we can say, your flagship product and trademark for Terra Ceramica. What else do you offer, and where can we find your products?

There is a selection of plates, cake racks that quickly became very popular, and home decor pieces like unique vases, candlesticks, etc. Terra is available in galleries all over Croatia and in EU and non-EU countries. Some of them are Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Slovenia, Saudi Arabia, EUA, etc. 

What are your current projects, any plans for the future?

I have some new product ideas, but more about them once they are finished and ready for the public. Regarding the future – I don’t know. As long as I give the most out of myself, I am not afraid and looking forward to it. 

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