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Exploring Medvednica with the help of a new application

My Sljeme

The city of Zagreb introduced a new application My Sljeme (Croatian: Moje Sljeme), in April 2021 as a result of a systematic digitalisation of public services. The application promotes a safe and active way of exploring nature park Medvednica, a popular mountain north of Zagreb. 

Additionally, city officials stated that the application is a great tool that, in the long term, will reduce car usage and encourage both locals and tourists to start walking and exploring Medvednica and its peak Sljeme.


Moje Sljeme is one of the first applications of this kind in the world. When the City of Zagreb started rolling out the project, the main goal was to bring nature closer to locals, promote active outdoor vacation and bring more visitors to Medvednica. The focus was on emphasising the importance of a healthy lifestyle that includes walking and hiking. 

Nature park Medvednica was always the favourite place to enjoy nature for citizens of Zagreb. With the new app, visiting becomes even more exciting, and it is much easier to navigate the mountain.

The main features of the app are:

  • track maps are sorted by difficulty level and duration
  • navigation through selected tracks available in the offline mode 
  • helpful information with filter search for each track and weather forecast
  • every landmark, facility and accommodation is marked with detailed information, image gallery and historical information of the most important sites. 

The application is designed for beginners and advanced hikers who can explore Medvednica safely and safely. 

A simple user interface allows easy selection of the desired track based on difficulty, duration and landmarks that the user wants to visit. Once the route is selected, the application can work offline and includes an SOS button in case of an emergency. 

To improve safety, even more, notifications can be set up to notify in case of going off the track and will give guidance to return to it safely. 

The APP features three groups of walking tracks:

  • up to two hours, 
  • two to four hours and 
  • over 4 hours. 

The easiest is 800 meters long, starting at sawmill Bliznec, while the longest and the hardest is 50 kilometres long and takes 18 hours to finish, mostly going over the ridge Sljeme. 

City’s officials are proud of making Zagreb a leader in developing online services for locals and tourists. Moje Sljeme is an additional step in this process of making public services fully digital. 

It is an opportunity to encourage everyone to visit Medvednica and spend time in nature, promoting mental and physical health benefits. The application is free to download and available in Croatian and English. 

Download here! Google Play & APP Store

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