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Plitvice Holiday Resort

Naturally protected by a forest

A holiday in beautiful Kordun, one of the greenest oasis in Croatia? Sounds like a good idea, especially if you choose Plitvice Holiday Resort, where all options are available, from glamping, rooms, bungalows, classic apartment accommodation or camping. What started as a camping ground is now a specially designed resort with its lake, teepee tents and treehouses. 

Surrounded by an ancient forest, Plitvice Holiday Resort offers various types of accommodation, depending on guests’ preference. From classic camping lots where visitors can park their own RVs, to mobile homes, apartments, teepees and charming lake and tree houses. This concept is unique and has never been seen before in Croatia. 


Comfort and privacy are waiting at the five luxurious tree houses with mesmerising views, the perfect location to truly escape the world. The interior is sophisticated, cozy with predominantly wood and large glass walls for the ultimate experience of being immersed in the forest. 

The team of architects at Abstracto designed both the exterior and interior of the newly constructed area of the resort, making tree houses an unforgettable highlight. Recently, they won a Medal for Architecture by the Croatian Chamber of Architects. 

Lake houses

Located right at the water’s edge, nine lake houses have found their spot under the sun. Following the same interior design concepts as the rest of the resort, the houses offer charming ambience and elegant decor, each with a terrace, perfect for a nice evening by the lake or a magical breakfast. 

Each house offers privacy and peace, while a nice treat is the accessibility of the lake via its own small beach.

Trees regulate the temperature, giving much-needed shade in the summer and keeping warmth in winter. Architects used local manufacturers for each element of the build, and all products used are made in Croatia. 

Plitvice Holiday Resort
Plitvice Holiday Resort
Plitvice Holiday Resort

The camping resort that has it all

The resort also provides accommodation in modern and elegant mobile houses with an outdoor pool sitting in the front where visitors, especially in the summertime, can find much-needed refreshment. 

For a more special and innovative kind of vacation, the resort offers teepees, which can be great for team-building or a fun weekend with friends. Tents are the perfect choice for anyone seeking adventure in the form of a unique kind of accommodation and an unforgettable experience. The tent area is equipped with all the necessary facilities and is close to the pool zone and playground making them ideal for families. 

Apartment & rooms

Those seeking a more conventional vacation, but still away from busy urban life, the resort offers apartments and rooms with all the modern facilities included. 


Special attention is dedicated to gastronomy. Food makes an important part of everyone’s vacation, and Plitvice Holiday Resort offers local cuisine to their visitors. 

Chefs take pride in their menu and showcase traditional meals of the Lika region.

Plitvice Holiday Resort
Plitvice Holiday Resort

The location

The biggest advantage of the resort is its location. Sitting at only 8 kilometres away from Plitvice National Park, Plitvice Holiday Resort is another excellent central location that can be used to spend an unforgettable weekend or a longer vacation. Whether visiting in summer or winter, the resort offers amenities and services all year round. Both seasons will offer a unique experience, whether you enjoy a relaxed or active vacation, Plitvice Holiday Resort has it all. 

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