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San Canzian Village and Hotel

Rich history of San Canzian

A romantic Istrian village, Mužolini Donji was once a Venetian fortified village dating back to the 14th century. Centuries of neglect saw it falling apart until a company called Sileo Resorts, took over and rebuilt the village into a premium countryside hotel. It is a place where medieval architecture meets modern luxury, offering an experience of the Istrian lifestyle. 

What in ancient times was known as Kastion/Castrum/Castiloni through the centuries became a safe place for locals, especially during the Venetian time, as the village was fortified and offered fertile land in the surrounding area. 

The only building that remained in the village is a chapel dedicated to a patron saint St. Cantius (Canzian). 

With this rich history in mind, Nika Serdar, an architect from Siniša Bjelica Studio, had the challenging task of converting this medieval village into a luxurious boutique hotel. 

Her main goal was to respect the spirit and atmosphere of the village. Owners had a clear vision of what the village was supposed to look like, as the leading stream in design was to make their future guests feel the authenticity and heritage. 

Houses that form this village hotel follow a traditional Istrian house style, with a stone exterior. The way they are scattered around the area was determined by the terrain, as the architect wanted to keep an organic and natural feel to it. 

It was also important to design without intervention into the routes villagers use daily. The main path connects the old and new areas, transferring the zone into the socializing area. 

Sophisticated design surrounded by olives and vineyards

San Canzian Village & Hotel has a total of 24 rooms and a separate villa. All accommodation units are separated between differently elevated terraces, creating a harmonious atmosphere. 

The whole area that belongs to the village is decorated in green terraces. The smell of rosemary, mint, lavender, and melissa brings a sense of an authentic Mediterranean lifestyle. 

The exterior is dominated by a heated infinity outdoor pool and a sauna zone, sitting above olive gardens and vineyards that are part of San Canzian. The pool bar is available for refreshments, becoming a charming lounge zone during hot summer evenings. 

The Interior carries the charm of the Istrian countryside. Each room and suite has its unique style, with modern furniture and vintage details creating a luxurious and sophisticated atmosphere. Neutral colours take over space, with natural materials like stone and wood keeping the authentic style of San Canzian. 

Special attention to interior design was given in the restaurant and bar area, done by the designer Boris Ružić. Inspired by the Istrian village’s lifestyle and led by a famous Chef Dino Galvagno, Luciano restaurant is where authentic Istrian dishes are presented in a contemporary style.

Thanks to the hotel’s unique location, Chefs have access to locally grown spices, organic ingredients of San Canzian Garden, and made-in-house olive oil and dried fig jam. 

The restaurant also has its wine cellar with more than 600 wines from all over the world, with sommeliers there to give a perfect pairing to the restaurant’s dishes.

Luciano Bar is considered to be the most beautiful bar in Croatia. They take pride in their locally made syrups, liquors, and bitters, all combined with world-famous cocktails, creating an impressive drinks list. 

A unique experience 

Staying in San Canzian Village & Hotel is truly a unique experience. In harmony with nature, luxurious and sophisticated, this hotel is all about passing the local lifestyle onto their visitors. 

The friendly staff are available to organise many activities, including olive tasting and truffle hunting. Beautiful rooms, local cuisine, and an authentic location are all that it takes for a perfect vacation in Istria.

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