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Stara Škola 1850 Begovo Razdolje

The old school brought back to life.

This mountain paradise, as many call it, is a place where humans are guests of the wildlife, where you can detach from a fast-paced world and reconnect with nature, recharge your batteries and detox your soul. 

Begovo Razdolje in Gorski Kotar is a one-of-a-kind village in Croatia, and now it has a one-of-a-kind school. It is known as the highest inhabited area in Croatia, sitting proudly at 1078 meters above sea level, with some 30 residents. 

Stara Škola 1850 Begovo Razdolje
Stara Škola 1850 Begovo Razdolje

In this enchanting place, a wonderful story unfolded in 2017 when owner Tanja Fornazar started a project of renovating an abandoned school from 1850 with a mission to make a holiday house out of it. 

Active as a school until the mid-70s, over time the building deteriorated and it was looking for a complete makeover. 

Supervised by a team of experts at PS Architects, Stara Škola (old school) was brought back to life and now complements Begovo Razdolje in the best possible way. 

The original layout of the school was preserved, utilising the shape of the rooms and their locations to give this guest house all the elements required to complete Tanja’s vision. 

Stara Škola 1850 Begovo Razdolje

The perfect hub while exploring Gorski Kotar

The guesthouse has a total accommodation capacity of 14 with a total of 5 bedrooms, each with its own specific layout. Due to the active COVID-19 restrictions at the time of writing, the capacity limit has been reduced to 10. 

Rooms that were once classrooms preserved their original names 1a, 2b, 3c, etc. and are now bedrooms. 

Guests can enjoy a large suite for up to 4 people, with 2 en-suite bathrooms, three twin bedrooms with their respective bathrooms and one four-bedroom with en-suite bathroom, as well. 

Common rooms like kitchen, living room and dining room, divided between the first and the second floor, become the perfect setting to relax after a nice day in nature. 

Stara Škola’s guest house is a fantastic choice for a team-building stay, with a teacher’s lounge that has been thoughtfully transformed into a fully-equipped conference room. 

The owners also wanted to give their guests a workout area, converting a P.E. room into a gym, while technical science’s room converted to storage and servicing area for bicycles. 

The old school library is completely refurbished, offering a calm corner to read books or have fun with your group while playing board games. 

Stara škola’s staff are also licensed as adventure and biking tour guides, offering the opportunity to explore endless bike tracks all over the region of Gorski Kotar. Guided by professionals, guests can explore the natural and historical beauty of the area and have an unforgettable experience. 

Stara Škola 1850 Begovo Razdolje

Sustainable as an imperative

When renovating Stara Škola, it was crucial to use materials that will be sustainable and blend into the surroundings. The interior is dominated by a white and grey colour scheme accentuated by wooden elements. 

The original wooden boards supporting the roof have been restored and are bringing that same wood warmth to the common area. 

The furniture was partially refurbished and partially purchased, and interior design was completed with unique custom-made elements PS Architects are proud of, such as the staircase for example. 

Special attention was dedicated to lighting and light pollution as, after all, the guest house is located in a very low populated area. All of the lights are energy-saving LEDs while exterior lighting is adjusted to blend into the village while keeping light pollution to a minimum.

The location

Many of us are seeking unique places giving us that extra bit of value and an unforgettable experience. Gorski Kotar is that kind of a region. Not yet widely known, it provides that much needed calm and peace of mind. With Stara Škola now becoming a part of it, the area is enriched with a beautiful place to stay in and always return to. 

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