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Ten stories about choosing to live in Croatia!

Split Tech City launched a fantastic series of podcasts featuring ten different stories about life in Croatia, specifically Split. 

The quality of life, benefits of the living environment, work-life balance, safety, and friendliness of locals are the top five reasons interviewees love their life in Split. 

Andrei Zinkevich, a digital marketing expert, moved to Split from Krakow in search of a healthier place to live for himself and his family. 

Morten Smalby, the CEO and co-founder of Split’s tech company GetByBus, was born in Randers, Denmark, and moved to Split in 2004, emphasising the quality of life. 

Luke Bryant and his Croatian wife met while she lived and worked in the United Kingdom. However, after their children were born in 2016, they decided they wanted to enjoy the Croatian way of life. 

Ilkka-Cristian Niemi, a Finnish tech entrepreneur and founder and CEO of Software Sauna, fell in love with Croatia in 2013. He knew Croatia would be the right place to move to and set up Software Sauna.

Visit Split Tech City’s youtube channel Get ready for Split Tech City podcast! to find other stories from people coming from California, Texas and Poland. 

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