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‘Cake-break’ in Zagreb?

Our favourite sweet locations in Zagreb

Zagreb is living its own renaissance when it comes to gastronomy, and one particular branch enjoying a resurgence in popularity is the pastry shop category. In the past few years, Zagreb got richer when it comes to having charming, creative, and beautiful pastry shops that not only look good but offer delicious sweets that will satisfy even the biggest sweet addicts. 

From macrons to custom-made artisan pastries we created a tailor-made list of our favourite sweet spots. At the end of the article, we’ll link their Instagram accounts, so that you can research even more!

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Torte i to!

‘Torte i to’ was born as the owner Martina Bračić quit her steady government job and decided to follow her life’s dream. Today, Torte holds several locations in Zagreb. 

Martina, with her team of pastry chefs, is creating delicious cakes, savoury snack bagels, and traditional pastries from Zagreb. She started her pastry shops as a ‘home away from home’, where everyone is welcome to sit down after a hard day, enjoy a sweet bite with tasty Italian coffee and just relax.

Type: Casual place for dessert and coffee

Location: Grahorova 5, Zagreb 

Best known for: Cheesecake

Interior: Cozy, colourful

Ingredients: top quality

Pricing: 15-40 HRK

Open: 9 am – 9.30 pm, every day

Delivery: Wolt

Take-away: Yes

Le Kolač by Robert Hromalić

‘Le Kolač’ recently changed its concept as it was purchased by one of the most famous pastry chefs in Croatia, Robert Hromalić. 

Upon returning from France where he worked with one of the most famous pastry chefs, Robert converted Le Kolač into the first boutique pastry shop in Zagreb. His signature pastries are made with precision and attention to detail, always with fresh ingredients. 

Each pastry is a piece of art, and the menu changes every three months, depending on the season. The latest entries are three pastries developed in collaboration with Kraš.

Type: Cozy, boutique pastry and coffee shop

Location: Trg Petra Petretića 3, Zagreb

Best known for: Apple pie

Interior: Simple, modern

Ingredients: seasonal, fresh

Pricing: 25-35 HRK

Open: 10am – 9 pm, Mon-Sat, 10am-3pm, Sun

Delivery: Wolt

Take-away: Yes

Amélie, the French way

Sweet Rendez-Vous’ is a concept Amélie pastry shop takes as its inspiration. Perfectionists when creating pastries, but still unique and natural, owner Žakline Troskot and her team on all three locations in Zagreb want to give their customers that perfect “joie de vivre” moment with every bite. 

The menu includes a wide range of typical french pastries and cookies with new entries added to the menu depending on the season. 

Every ingredient is authentic, carefully selected by Žakline, and imported from all over Europe, making sure their pastries are made of ingredients of the highest quality. 

Type: Cozy, authentic French pastry shop

Location: Vlaška ulica 6, Zagreb

Interior: Shabby chic

Ingredients: premium, fresh

Pricing: 17-90 HRK

Open: 8am – 11 pm, Mon-Sat, 9am-11pm, Sun

Delivery: Wolt

Take-away: Yes

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Jolie Petite Pâtisserie, chic & trendy

Owned by the family Gojić-Mikić, Jolie Petite Patisserie is the next addition to an already famous clothing brand Jolie Petite. It’s an artisan pâtisserie with a set menu with new entries added every week, depending on popularity. 

The newly added dishes include savoury snacks and a rich list of cocktails. Jolie Petite Patisserie is growing more popular by the day, and it is worth the ride across town for this exceptional experience. 

Type: Casual dessert and cocktails

Location: Ulica Tina Ujevića 17, Zagreb

Best known for: Foret noir – chocolate mousse in a crunchy glaze

Interior: Elegant, personalised, cozy

Ingredients: fresh

Pricing: 17-75 HRK

Open: 11am – 10 pm, Mon-Sat

Delivery: Their own

Take-away: Yes

Magnolia slastice, global approach to local cosiness

Rosanda Jelinić had a lifelong dream to open up a pastry shop. She finally did it upon retiring, with her daughter Jasmina in 2013 and now they work at three locations. 

Their key to success is a vast selection of traditional, familiar cakes and pastries from all over the world. Rosanda’s team carefully preps each recipe using only the finest ingredients. 

Magnolia is a place where you come to savour a home-like atmosphere, have a sweet bite with excellent coffee and tea, and just enjoy life. 

Type: Casual brunch with traditional dishes

Location: Gundulićeva 4, Zagreb

Best known for: Magnolia cake

Interior:  Shabby chic, charming

Ingredients: fresh

Pricing: 17-30 HRK

Open: 7am -11pm, Mon – Fri, 8am – 12am, Sat, 9am – 11pm Sun

Delivery: Their own

Take-away: Yes

Vincek, Zagreb’s staple and tradition

The most famous pastry shop in Zagreb is the one owned by the family Vincek. Forty-three years ago, this family had a mission to serve the best possible pastries and were pioneers in creating Cremeschnitte with cream and chocolate. 

Today, Vincek is famous for its cakes, pastries, and more than 40 flavors of ice cream. Having an ice-cream in Vincek (Croatian: sladoled u Vinceku!) is a multi-generational custom for locals and an opportunity for families and friends to get together. 

The main reason why Vincek has been so successful for so long is a meticulous approach when it comes to choosing locally produced ingredients. 

Every family member participates in developing new and fresh recipes, making sure they keep the tradition alive while still staying up to date with all the latest trends. 

Recent entries to their menu are gluten-free, vegan, and raw cakes. 

Type: Casual dessert and coffee

Location: Tomićeva ulica 2, Zagreb

Best known for: Cremeschnitte with chocolate

Interior: Cozy, minimalistic

Ingredients: local, fresh

Pricing: 30-75 HRK

Open: 9am – 10 pm, Mon-Sat

Delivery: No

Take-away: Yes

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